caregiver serving lunchFor those who wish to learn what it means to be an Ananda Caregiver. This program is based on Swami Kriyananda’s 12 Conscious Living (Evening Hospice) Precepts.

Ananda is committed to sustaining a high level of caregiving. This involves more than just the basic care giving one learns as a Certified Nursing Assistant. We encourage all applicants to already have both their CNA license and a strong meditation practice. It is strongly encouraged that you be enrolled in, or have taken Ananda’s Art and Science of Raja Yoga Course. If accepted into our certification program you will live at Ananda House and participate in all meditations, activities, and classes.

The program includes a strong emphasis in attunement to the people you care for, active listening skills, working with intuition and empathy as well as having a strong understanding of the 12 Conscious Living precepts brought to us by Swami Kriyananda. The program is three months long and includes all meals and housing. Cost is $1500.00/month.

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Ananda Caregiver Certification Work-Study Program

We also offer a 3-month immersion work-study program, teaching consistent Ananda based caregiving. This is ideal for caregivers, nurses, chaplains, social workers—anyone who wants to care for elders in a conscious uplifted skillful way.

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