P1020685 Ananda House at Laurelwood is a non-profit adult care home, dedicated to finding God through meditation and service to our fellow human beings. Our goal is to create and maintain an environment that supports residents and staff members in their quest to realize their highest potential. Our motto is “living consciously…it’s never too soon to begin!”

We are now entering our fourth year of joy-full service at Ananda House. Up until now we have been focused on the pioneering energy of physical building:  remodeling the house and creating lovely outdoor areas more accessible to our elder population. As a result, Ananda House has become so much more functional and beautiful.

In this fourth year, we hope to build financial sustainability. Our aim is to create a stronger monthly cash flow to enable us to serve current and future residents regardless of ability to pay. We’d like to begin by paying off the start-up loans incurred in the building and remodeling phase of Ananda House. In the past three years, we have already paid off more than $22,500, bringing our current debt to $138,907. We hope to retire these remaining loans as quickly as possible, reducing the amount of interest we pay monthly and also over the term of the loans. Lower monthly payments will help to increase the cash available for programs and support for residents.

Your tax-deductible donations can help us meet this goal, and we invite you to join in this effort. Donations may be made monthly, quarterly, annually, or on any schedule that suits you. You may use the “donation” button on this page. Please also contact us to talk about other ways to give. Consider making Ananda House a beneficiary of your estate. If you have an interest in sharing your experience at grant writing in support of the growth of Ananda House, we’d love to talk to you.

Thank you all for your prayers and gracious notes over the past year. They have meant so much to us all!

In joyful service,P1060707

Hanuman & Mari

For Ananda House at Laurelwood