Living and Aging with Consciousness: An Online with Ananda course with Hanuman Baughman

Living and Aging with Consciousness: An Online with Ananda course


In 2006 Swami Kriyananda wrote 12 precepts (see below) as part of a document entitled, “Evening Hospice.” The purpose of these precepts was to share seed thoughts on how to care for our elders, as well as clear direction on how each of us can prepare for the time of death. As you read these precepts, you soon realize that if we wait until the last few days or months to work on such things as non-attachment, forgiveness, unconditional love, and other aspects of letting go, we are most likely going to miss the boat!

During this webinar series, we will explore Swami Kriyananda’s 12 Precepts in-depth, and share tools that really work for each of us to let go of nagging attachments and desires, old records of past betrayals, forgiveness of ourselves and others. By the end of this series, we will come to understand and accept ourselves as we are in truth, a unique aspect of the divine finding our way home!

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Hanuman Baughman has been a member of Ananda for over 30 years. During that time he has served along with his wife Mari as a minister and lightbearer, co-founding manager of Ananda Portland Community, directors of Ananda Portland Sanga, and most recently co-founder of Ananda House at Laurelwood, an adult living home for yogi’s on the spiritual path. Hanuman is a certified hospice and palliative care nurse and has many years experience working with people at end of life.


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